• Plunking sandshimp rig

    Plunking Technique – how to fish sandshrimp, eggs, etc for salmon and steelhead

    Plunking, or fishing stationary bait on the bottom of a river, is a popular way to catch salmon on the Skagit and Nooksack river. The rig is pretty basic and allows the angler to cast out into the current, let the rig and bait sink to the bottom, put the rod in a rod holder […]

  • Jig float diagram w inline weight

    Float Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead

    This technique can be used with marabou jigs, steelhead jigs, salmon jigs, pink steelhead worms, eggs, shrimp, or any other bait or lure you prefer. The steelhead and salmon jig, pink worm, or bait setup can be rigged using the same basic float and weight setup. Some anglers prefer inline sinker weights, egg sinkers, rubber […]

  • Worm fishing for Bass

    This is a method I like to use when fishing lily pads or moderately heavy weeds and brush. The method of rigging makes this weedless so you can drag it through the weeds and over the lily pads without getting hooked on them.  I like to use a larger worm to help with casting and […]

  • drift rig with eggs

    Drift Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead

    Drift fishing is a very effective way to catch Salmon and Steelhead. By bouncing or drifting your lure along the bottom of the river, you present the lure straight in front of the fish. You can drift fish with floating beads and yarn, eggs, pink worms, cheaters and more. The trick is to use enough […]

  • squalicum Rainbow trout on fly

    Catch and Release: How To

    An important aspect of fishing in any river system or water body is catch and release fishing. Oftentimes, when targeting a specific species of fish a different species will be caught and need to be released. When fishing in rivers, often times only fin clipped hatchery fish can be retained so all native fish must […]

  • Skagit Cutthroat

    Trout Fishing Techniques

    Trout fishing is a favorite pastime for many anglers in the spring and year round. Anglers who seek this sleek quarry vary from the veteran fly fisher to the opening day crowds. We’ll discuss some of the techniques used to catch trout and then we’ll go into specifics on where the local hot spots are. […]

  • Bobber and worm fishing for Bluegills and other panfish

    By Sam Thompson Bluegills are a perfect target for fisher people who want something that’s easy to catch, but still tasty if you choose to keep a few for the pan (hence the term panfish). Because they are aggressive feeders and are present in extremely large numbers in many Washington lakes and rivers, they are […]

  • Rigging for Fly Fishing

    Article courtesy of Cascades Flyfishing, Terminal tackle is a term more frequently used in the conventional fishing world; however, in my mind, it applies to any component in your fly fishing rigging that could fail, i.e. – the knots, the leader material and the fly. Rigging Overview When rigging a fly fishing reel, the […]

  • River Silver salmon with blue fox

    Spinner and Spoon fishing for Salmon

    Fishing for salmon with spinners and spoons can be a very effective method. First off, I’ll go into a little detail on the different styles and colors of lures, and then I’ll go into the different methods for fishing them. There are many different types and styles of spinners and spoons to use. I’ll name […]