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silver spin

Fishing Gear to Take You to the Next Level

Ever since our ancestors first cast a line into a body of water and pulled out their first fish, the hobby and sport of fishing has thrilled and excited generations of people. Unlike some other hobbies though, fishing is constantly evolving based on dozens of variables and external conditions. Here are some accessories you can […]

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Fishing in a river

3 Dual-Purpose Tools for Hunting and Fishing

The avid outdoorsman with a competitive spirit not only loves harvesting a white-tail deer with the perfect lung shot, but also takes pride in reeling in the most or largest fish in friendly competition amongst the group. Each activity requires its own separate equipment, which can get expensive particularly for those who want only the […]

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Luke sailboat

How to Install Hatches and Deck Plates on Your Boat

To anyone who’s never done it before, installing a new ventilator, hatch or deck plate can seem a bit intimidating. But with the right guidance and tools, this relatively common modification to your boat becomes easy. Let’s take a look: Look and Measure Twice No matter where you decide to install the hatch or deck […]

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Bass Fly Fishing

Taking the Dog Fishing: Tips for a Fun Trip

A dog is a great companion and partner when it comes to hunting, camping, and many other outdoor activities. Fishing, however, is somewhat of a different story. Whether boat, wade, or shore fishing, it ultimately comes down to personal choice and your dog’s behavior when deciding to take him along. It also depends on whether […]

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