The Baker Lake Sockeye fishery is one that is being looked forward to by a great many anglers this year.  2010 produced good  numbers of fish, and 2011 is predicted to be even better.

In the spirit of getting ready for the season, we have compiled a couple of resources that might help with planning for this years sockeye season up on Baker lake.

First, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has a page dedicated to Baker River Sockeye Salmon (which then get turned loose in Baker Lake).  The page has updated trap reports and shows the number of fish that are transferred up to the lake.  As of June 28, 2011 there were 438 Sockeye trapped and 58 fish transferred up to Baker lake.

Link to WDFW Baker River Sockeye page.

Another good resource is the Forest Service page dedicated to the Baker Lake Sockeye fishery. Check this page for boat launch information, a map showing launches, parking information (it gets crowded up there and parking can be a problem).

Check out the Forest Service page on Baker Lake Sockeye for more information.

6 thoughts on “Baker Lake Sockeye fishing resources”
  1. hello I would like to know the regulations on the Baker lake sockeye season. how big? catch limit? season open date? What code for recording? thank you.

    1. Your best resource for finding catch limits, etc.. is going to be the Department of Fish and Wildlife. However, since the Baker lake fishery only opens on a to-be-determined basis they don’t set the limits, size, etc.. until it actually opens. Since they haven’t announced an opening yet, they haven’t set the rules for this year.

      Check out for emergency updates that will let you know when they open.

  2. I would love to do some fishing up at Baker Lake this year. I would like some info on getting a cabin also. Any info on camping or cabins would be greatly appreciated.

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