Only paddlesport enthusiasts who double as anglers really know the thrill of taking a kayak out on a day trip or tour loaded with everything you need for a unique fishing adventure. A 2011 Topline survey found a drastic jump in national interest in paddlesport recreation. According to the survey, more than 8 million people reported participating in recreational kayaking—a 31 percent increase over the previous three years. When choosing a kayak to take out on a fishing trip, storage space should be a defining factor in your kayak decision. Here are some of the best storage-friendly fishing kayaks.

Strike 120X Angler

The Strike 120X Angler is a 12 foot sit-on-top fishing kayak for the discriminating angler. Both stable and maneuverable, the Strike 120X Angler is great for both intermediate and beginner fishermen looking for the right one-man kayak. With a bow-hinged quick-locking hatch and easily accessible day hatch, the Strike 120X has plenty of storage options for small items like spray-on sunscreen and daily essentials like trail mix and bottled water. On the Strike 120X’s stern is a bungee-topped storage space for backpacks and camping gear, and the swivel rod holder allows you to lean back and enjoy the flow of the river, lake or ocean without worrying about losing your rod.

Enduro 12 Angler

The Enduro 12 Angler is like wish-fulfillment for those who need more storage capacity than the average paddler. The Enduro Angler possesses two sealed bulkhead storage compartments, making it perfect for storing all the camping gear you need to glide through coves and lakes without having to worry about running out of supplies. The Enduro 12 Angler’s foredeck contains ample shock-cord storage and paddle space, while its built-in 360 degree rod holder easily fits many types of rods and reels. For the serious angler looking for a durable camping kayak, the Enduro 12 Angler is an affordable option.

Wilderness Ride 135 Advance Angler

Known for their stability and performance, the Wilderness Systems Ride line of kayaks are some of the The Ride 135’s bow hatch is perfect for larger items like camping gear, whereas necessary items like polarized replacement lenses for your Oakleys are easily accessed from the smaller 8-inch hatch midship. Tackle boxes fit perfectly in the space under the Ride 135’s leg-lifters, and the flat surface design of the kayak allows for gear to be lashed on with bungee cords for easy storage.

StraitEdge Angler

This is a lightweight and easily transported inflatable kayak. When collapsed, the StraitEdge Angler takes up only about 5,100 cubic inches of storage space. When inflated, the StraitEdge offers two rod holders as well as a bungee deck and D-rings designed to provide a ton of storage options in a minimal space. The StraitEdge easily accepts many aftermarket fishing rail-mounts for total customization. This unique combination of characteristics means that the StraitEdge Angler isn’t just a fishing kayak with great storage options for the cost and size, but it’s also a kayak that’s easy to store—so easy, in fact it might even fit in your other kayak’s bulkhead! An incredibly lightweight 41 pounds, this kayak is perfect for the minimalist kayak fisherman who wants to make sure everything he packs makes the most efficient use of storage space.