This year give the adventurous father in your life something he’ll really use. Another tie or cologne might be traditional, but this Father’s Day encourage him to pursue his outdoor interests with the right tools to keep him safe and get the most out of his favorite hobbies. Here are some ideas to get you started.


For the Camper

With summer just around the corner many camping enthusiasts are gearing up for a summer spent in the outdoors. If dad loves spending a weekend in the mountains, by glacier lakes or along winding rivers, there is an assortment of camping gear he’ll need for the upcoming season. Maybe a new camping stove is in order, or even mew fish gear. If he is eco-conscious consider the BioLite camp stove which uses a fan and wood to harness a renewable energy source. With a battery pack that is charged by the fire the fan helps create, he’ll be able to charge his smartphone or any other USB device even while miles away from civilization. If he’s in need of any new fishing equipment, check out the latest at Bass Pro Shop. Whether it’s a new rod and real, or a pair of waders he’s been eyeing, you’ll find all the new gear here.

For the Off-Roader

Whether he enjoys dirt biking, riding an ATV or mudding in the woods in his truck, all-terrain tires are an excellent gift for the off-road enthusiast. While off-road tires work great for tracks, mud pits and rocky areas, they aren’t as comfortable when met with pavement or hard-packed roads. But all-terrain tires are comfortable on paved surfaces too. Find a wide variety of all-terrain tires at You can even have them delivered directly to a certified auto shop for easy installation.

Throw in car wash supplies for a practical, yet funny aside. A new bucket, sponge and specialty soap will come in handy after hauling his dirt-caked vehicle back home post outing.

For the Touring Cyclist

Touring cyclists are all about the journey. If dad is a cyclist there are many things he might like this Father’s Day, just in time for prime touring season. A new set of waterproof panniers are a great addition for any tour cyclist. In fact, if he’s lacking a reliable set of panniers that may be the very thing stopping him from planning his next trip.

If he already has a tour planned, get him a tune up at the local bike shop before he heads out.

For the Rock Climber

Rock climbing equipment might be expensive, but his life is literally on the line when it’s in use. From new cams to belay loops, this equipment is essential for his safety. REI has a wide selection of climbing equipment available. While these tools are important, nothing is more important than the ropes. New ropes will keep him safe and provide him with the means to climb the likes of El Capitan or Smith Rock.