Welcome to Humpy Fever 2015!

With another good run of pink salmon getting ready to descend on Puget sound, the Skagit river is sure to see it’s share of humpie salmon. With 600,000 forecast for the Skagit river, it should make for good fishing.

Humpy season officially opens August 1st on the Skagit River up to Gilligan Creek, with the lower river being the best bet early on and throughout the season. Pink salmon turn color fast upon entering the river, so it’s best to get them before they turn into humpies with the signature humped backs and colored up sides. When caught fresh in the lower river and bay they are good table fare and even better smoked.

Here are some popular Skagit River pink salmon bank fishing spots and a map for reference. Remember when accessing the river that dikes are usually private property, so be sure to access only at public access points.

  • Edgewater Park –  Right off I-5 and is a popular spot for plunking. Take Division street through Mt. Vernon and turn on South on Ball or Baker St.
  • Spudhouse – Managed by the dept. of fish and wildlife and according to them has a concrete boat launch, restrooms, and parking. Popular plunking spot.
  • Young’s Bar – another good access point off Dunbar Rd.  This is a popular spot for bank fishing and plunking with heavy gear and bait, such as sandshrimp.
  • Johnsons Bar – Located off Whitmarsh Rd just upriver of Young’s bar and Edgewater park. Potential bank access.
  • Upriver near Sedro Woolley there is access for bank fishing near the public park.

Popular techniques for pink salmon include plunking, jigging, and casting hardware (spoons) and flies.

Plunking consists of a weight, attractor and bait. See the Plunking Technique article from us for more information.

Twitching jigs is a popular and effective method which consists of a 1/8-3/8 oz jig, usually in the color pink, and is fished with a hopping retrieve.

Popular flies are clouser minnows and other weighted flies that get a bit of a hopping motion when strip retrieved on a floating or intermediate line.

Plunking sandshimp rig
Plunking rig


Good luck out there Humpy slayers!

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