Baker River

Main Species: Trout incl. Dolly Varden
Size: Medium to small size river
Public Access: Yes
Boat Launch: Yes
Bathrooms: n/a
Opening Date: Varies. Check the current and emergency rules and regulations.
Closing date: Varies. Check the current and emergency rules and regulations. 

Closed Waters – Highway 20 bridge at Concrete to fish barrier dam.
All Species – Night closure and anti – snagging rule.

Anglers are advised to check the sport fishing rules pamphlet, which is available on WDFW’s website at

The Baker River flows out of Lake Shannon and Baker Lake through the town of Concrete, WA. It flows into the Skagit river right at Concrete and is only open for limited areas and seasons. It gets a large run of Sockeye Salmon which stack up behind the fish barrier. The river is closed to fishing upstream of the Hwy 20 bridge to protect the salmon.


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