Samish River

Main Species: Salmon incl. Chinook and Silver salmon.
Sub Species: Steelhead
Size: Small river
Public Access: Yes
Boat Launch: n/a
Bathrooms: Yes
Opening Date: Varies, see below
Closing date: Dec 31st for Salmon

samish river bridge - bayview edison road
samish river bridge – bayview edison road

Check the regulations

The Samish River mouth is in Samish Bay, Skagit County. The Samish is a small river that flows through the Skagit farmland and is best known for it’s King Salmon runs in August through September. Lots of people flock to the areas near the mouth by the Bayview-Edison bridge near Edison to fish for the incoming King Salmon. Very large Kings can be caught here in the 30+ pound range.
Since fishing is popular here it can often be classifieds as “combat fishing”, or fishing in very close quarters with many other fishermen vying for fishing in the same water.
Popular methods for fishing include drift fishing with beads and yarn, float fishing with jigs, or straight line fishing with jigs.
Steelhead move into the Samish river in late November and December.

When fishing the Samish remember to respect the private land and no trespassing laws. The river flows through private farmland which cannot be crossed over. The best way to access the Samish river is to park at the Bayview – Edison bridge and walk upstream from there.
There are plenty of good fishing holes accessible from this area.




Anti-snagging rule clarified

When in effect, terminal fishing gear is limited
to a lure or bait with one single-point hook.
When fishing from a floating device (boat,
float tube etc.), up to two single-point hooks
may be used. Hooks must measure ¾ inch
or less from point to shank, and must be
attached to or below the lure or bait. Weights
may not be attached below or less than 12”
above the lure or bait.


Reasons for action: This change allows additional recreational opportunity by allowing gear types commonly used in salmon fishing while providing protection to fish from snagging.

Anti- Snagging rule definitions. Taken from the WDFW website.
Clarification and changes:

  • Stationary Gear restriction: The line, weight, lure, or bait must be moving (not stationary) while in the water.