Sauk River

Main Species: Salmon, Steelhead
Sub Species: Trout, Searun Trout
Size: Medium sized river
Public Access: yes
Boat Launch: yes
Bathrooms: no

The selective gear rules make the Sauk river a wonderful fly fishing opportunity. The Sauk produces winter and summer Steelhead as well as several species of salmon including Coho and Chum with Dolly Varden, or bull trout lurking in the waters behind the spawning salmon. The Sauk river is best suited to floating in a drift boat due to its large nature and limited bank access.

The Sauk can be accessed near Rockport, in Skagit county where it flows into the Skagit River. State Route 530 follows the Sauk river upstream to Darrington. From there you can follow forest road 20 along the rest of the Sauk river.

Check for up to date fishing regulations.

Selective Gear Rules
Only unscented artificial flies or lures with one single barbless hook may be used. Bait is prohibited. No motors allowed. Knotless nets only.

Anglers are advised to check the sport fishing rules pamphlet, which is available on WDFW’s website at Failure to comply can result in a ticket.

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  1. 2021 regs: June 1-Jan. 31 is Hatchery Steelhead only. Everything else is catch and release. That doesn’t seem like “a wonderful fly fishing opportunity”, unless your not looking to eat.

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