Dakota Creek

Main Species: Salmon, Coho and Chinook.
Size: Small
Public Access: Yes
Boat Launch: No
Bathrooms: No
Opening Date: Varies by species
Closing date: Varies by species 

Dakota Creek is a small river near Blaine, WA. It is open for salmon from Oct. 1 – Dec. 31 from the mouth to the Giles Rd. bridge. Plenty of Coho salmon, and a few Kings, come up this small river and anglers can often do well along it’s banks.  Spinners, spoons, hotshots, and eggs under a float are all popular methods for fishing this area.

Anglers are advised to check the sport fishing rules pamphlet, which is available on WDFW’s website athttp://wdfw.wa.gov/fish/regs/fishregs.htm.

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