Diablo Lake

During the warmer months Diablo Lake fishing can be good. Rainbow and Cutthroat trout are the usual catch, and range in the 10″ – 14″ range with some edging upwards from that.  The use of a float tube or boat is recommended to access parts of the lake that aren’t easily accessible from shore.  There is fishing access around the highway 20 area of the lake. Lures that are reported to work well are Mack’s Wedding ring,  Mack’s Double-Whammy and Eppinger red/white Daredevil spoons.  Sometimes the addition of Pautzke eggs and occasionally a cheese marshmallow on the Mack’s lures will do the trick.  That’s an “old school” fishing trick that works great on Diablo Lake.

In the Summer-time you will have to get out into a little deeper water, but it is well worth it. Fishing continues to be good into the fall.

Diablo Lake is east of Bellingham in Whatcom County and fishing access is found off Highway 20. Diablo lake is connected to Ross Lake but is separated by a dam. Diablo lake is unlisted in the WDFW regulations, but it is listed as having a public access boat launch. Statewide rules apply to the fishing.

Read the special rules and advisories at www.wdfw.wa.gov.

If you have fished this lake and have some information to add please email us at admin@fishwhatcom.com.

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  1. n.p.s. has not maintaind the boat launch so it now is hard to put a boat in or out of the lake the n.p.s. can launch there boats but could careless if anyone else can there once was two docks at the boat launch reaching out about 100 ft from shore each dock now there is only one dock about30 ft and if the water is somewhat low just a little bit you may not be able to put a boat in the water even if it is a 14-15 ft boat so what does the n.p.s. do withthere money they put 8 to 12 people in the information center to sell trincks made in china but wont take care of the campgrounds or boat lunch

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