Fazon Lake

Main Species: Largemouth bass
Sub Species: Perch, Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Brown Trout, and possibly Tiger Musky
Size: Approx. 30 acres.
Public Access: Yes
Boat Launch:  Yes, shallow
Bathrooms: Yes
Opening Date: Year round
Closing date: Y
ear round
Special Info: First Friday in Oct. – Jan 15 fishing from any flotation device prohibited.

fazon lake
fazon lake

Fazon Lake, located between Bellingham and Everson off Everson-Goshen Rd is a warm-water lake that boasts a wide variety of game fish. Largemouth bass, perch, bluegill and channel Catfish are most apparent. Fazon lake also has received stocks of trout in the past and is currently stocked with Brown trout every year. Because of the wide variety of predatory fish like bass, the trout do have a hard time surviving although it has been confirmed that there is a healthy population of brown trout in the lake. Although most people just don’t target brown trout, the only ones caught are by people bass fishing. Bass is the primary quarry on the lake, although anglers also pursue bluegill quite often. There are confirmed rumors that some Tiger muskie were planted to control the populations of smaller fish but they are very rare if still present in the lake at all.

In the fall of 2014 a bunch of 10″+ steelhead trout were dumped in Fazon by WDFW.

Read the special rules and advisories at www.wdfw.wa.gov.

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