Lake Terrell

Main Species: Largemouth bass, perch, bluegill.
Sub Species: Rainbow trout (stocked) with Triploids.
Size: Approx. 400 acres.
Public Access: Yes.
Boat Launch: Yes.
Bathrooms: Yes. Outhouse style.
Opening Date: Open year round.
Closing date: Open year round.

Lake Terrell is shallow and provides excellent largemouth bass fishing. There is lots of cover for the fish in Lake Terrell including lily pads, brush and weeds that can make fishing challenging at times but can also provide cover for large fish. In the springtime the water level is usually high so boat fishing is good. Later in the summer the water level usually drops significantly so weeds and brush can become troublesome for boating.

Plastic worms and lures, Buzzbaits, Spinner baits, and Plastic frogs are popular fishing lures.

Lake Terrell also gets stocked with about 800 triploid trout in the springtime. The triploid range in the 1 to 1.5 pound range and can put up quite a fight.

Lake Terrell is located near Ferndale and can be accessed off Mountain View Rd. There is public access and a boat launch.

Check the special rules at for special rules information. Fishing from any flotation device is prohibited the first Saturday after Labor Day through the following Friday and Oct. 1 -Jan 31st.

If you have fished this lake and have some information to add please email us at

6 thoughts on “Lake Terrell”
  1. ive fished this lake all my life and it’s guaranteed to yield a catch if you’re using the right bait for the fish you’re after. A boat is a must for this lake as it will open up many bass fishing opportunities, but I’ve seen triploids caught right off the boat launch dock. A great plastic worm for bass that I’ve recently used is the RAGE TAIL Eeliminator by STRIKE KING. Last trip it was the best thing on the lake and it was my first time using it there.
    good luck!

  2. Question? Is there a boat size regulation or motor size? I understand how shallow it is, just can’t find literature on if there is a regulation…. Thanks in advance….

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