Ross Lake

Main Species: Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout.
Sub Species:  Brook Trout.
Size: Large. Over 11,000 acres.
Public Access: Yes. Campgrounds, resort.
Boat Launch: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes
Opening Date: July 1st.
Closing date:  October 31st.
Special info: Selective gear rules. Motors allowed.

Access to Ross lake is from the North Cascades Highway 20 near Newhalem. There is public access, a boat launch and campgrounds. There is access at the North end that you get to through British Columbia.  Rumors of large trout have been floating around about Ross lake. It is one of the state’s lakes that doesn’t allow the two rod rule either.

Rainbow trout fishing can be really good, with big well fed trout being readily available.

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