Toad Lake

Toad lake whatcom county fishing dock

Main Species:  Rainbow Trout
Sub Species: Kokanee
Size:    Approx. 30 acres.
Public Access: Yes, dock.
Boat Launch: Yes, unmaintained gravel. No gas motors allowed.
Bathrooms: Yes, portopotty
Opening Date: Usually the last Saturday in April. Subject to change, please read the regs.
Closing date: October 31st. Subject to change, please read the regs.

Located in Bellingham, Toad lake (aka Emerald) lake holds mostly planted Rainbow trout. Opening day and the following weeks should be quite good here but it will slow down as the summer progresses. The 2010 plant saw lots of catchable size rainbow trout in the 10-12 inch range with 1,300 triploid trout planted. Triploids are a sterile hybrid rainbow trout that are in the 16-17″ range and weigh roughly 1 1/2 pounds each when they are planted Fishing from a boat would be quite productive as there is limited shore access aside from the dock and small area near the boat launch. The boat launch is gravel and is unmaintained so large boats may have trouble launching. Also, the size of the lake and no gas motor restriction makes it nice to use smaller boats, pontoons, or float tubes to fish from.  Toad lake can be a popular spot to swim in the summer so don’t expect to be fishing alone.

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  1. So if toad lake fishing area is supposed to be fishing only why are there swimmers an kayakers. I heard that the original land owner donated his lot after he passed to wdfw to be used only for fishing

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