Tomyhoi lake

Main Species: Brook trout. Brown trout.
Sub Species:
Size: medium size alpine.
Public Access: yes, hike in.
Boat Launch: No.
Bathrooms: No.
Opening Date: Statewide rules apply. Open year round unless otherwise posted in the regulations.

Access if off Highway 542 right at the road crew shacks. Drive up Forest Rd 3065 which is a dirt road and park at the trailhead. If you drive all the way to the top you will come to Twin Lakes. I believe the road is washed out though so drive in access is limited. Access to Tomyhoi is hike access only and is a very difficult hike with a several thousand foot elevation change up and down to get there.

Lots of small fish with rumors of large ones in the deeper water.  A flotation device is required to fish it effectively so it’s recommended you pack in a raft or float tube.

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One thought on “Tomyhoi lake”
  1. Some additions to the basic info ….

    The lake is full of stunted brookies… there’s been mention of rainbows and browns being planted, would be nice to know if there’s any current evidence of them. The brookies are eager biters though. Small spinners and spoons work, but fly fishing seems most productive.

    The trail puts you at the upper end of the lake, which is usually a maze of logs, takes some work to get to a point where you can launch a tube or raft. The lake will lower some in the fall, this makes access easier and fishing from shore practical… a dry fly and bobber on a spinning rod works just fine, some areas have plenty of room for fly-casting from shore.

    The trail down from Gold Run Pass isn’t really maintained anymore, it was originally part of an access trail to an old gold mine. Upper portion holds steep snow into August… and down near the lake avalanches have torn up entire stands of trees, making for a lot of obstacles in finding the camps and lake access, expect some bushwhacking here.

    The road to the trailhead is open, and the parking area is often overflowing with cars from hikers accessing the Yellow Aster area. Despite the high traffic, no recent maintenance has been done on the road, making for a very rough potholed 5 miles, expect slow going.

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