October 2011 Fishing Report

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October 1, 2011

By Ken Shagren, Fishing Pro Staff, Dave’s Sports Shop

“Remember to check the official WDFW regulations before going out!”

Welcome to the Dave’s Sports Shop fishing report. Check in with us as we attempt to keep you informed on where the fish are biting and what is working to catch them. We will try to keep the information current so that we can help you decide where the best opportunity for success will be located.



After a great Pink salmon season on the Skagit and Nooksack rivers, early fall rains are changing the fishing dynamic on both systems. Sports fishermen should now concentrate on silvers entering local rivers as these streams rise and fall with each new weather system. Reports of early silvers on the Skagit and Nooksack rivers were coming into Dave’s Sport Shopconsistently  since the opening on September 1. However, recent rains have caused both rivers to rise and turn muddy. Look for silvers to be present in all sections of these rivers once they drop and begin to clear. On October 1, the NooksackRiver opens as far up as Maple Creek on the North Fork and up to Skookum Creek on the South Fork. Dakota Creek also opens on October 1 from the mouth to Giles Rd. bridge.

Silvers will strike when they are provoked so Vibrax spinners and Dick Nite spoons are a good choice. Silver and brass blade Vibraxes with Chartreuse, red, blue, silver, or brass bodies are effective while half silver and half brass or brass with chartreuse head Dick Nites are solid choices. Cured salmon eggs drifted with red or orange corkies and yarn or fishing salmon eggs below a float can be very effective. Jig fishing for silvers on the Skagit river has developed a dedicated following. Pink and white or pink and purple are the popular colors.


Early October is the time to look for big silvers and late fall kings on the west side of San Juan Island in Area 7. The large kings are primarily “whites” on their way to the Fraser River. Open Bay near Snug Harbor on San Juan Island is worth a look for big silvers. Also the west side of Cypress Island near Strawberry Island and Eagle Bluff has been known to be productive. Try a green Hot Spot flasher with a red stripe paired with a Green/Glow Goldstar squid or a Purple Haze Hot Spot flasher paired with a White Lightning Coho Killer spoon for silvers. Also, using a UV Ace Hi Fly inside of a squid for added reflection can be effective.

As of September 25, WDFW creel reports from area harbors indicated some success for silvers and a few remaining pinks. Shore bound anglers, however, have reported disappointing results in Drayton Harbor and there have been mixed reports from Birch Point and Point Whitehorn. The Deception Pass area has had good reports of silvers from both boats trolling and shore anglers using Buzz Bombs. The southern portion of Area 7 reopens on October 1.

Dungeness and Rock Crab fishing closes in Area 7 on September 30 and all summer catch cards are due by October 1.



The Vedder/Chilliwack system is full of fish with the majority of them being Pinks.   However, there are good numbers of Silvers and White Kings in that river as well. Since there are so many Pinks in the lower river, its being recommended that fishers target Silvers and Kings above Vedder Crossing. Typical gear used on the Vedder includes salmon eggs or Coloradospinners below a float as well as casting spinners and spoons. Look for the Vedder to be excellent during the first two weeks of October.

Even though the Sockeye season has closed on the Fraser River, there are lots of Pinks still  entering the river. Reports are that the predicted run of 17,000,000 Pinks will be well exceeded. There are also excellent numbers of White Kings still being taken.

Interior lakes should be improving again with the cooler fall days. Its once again time to get back to the chironomids with boatmen, scuds, mayflies, and leaches also a good bet. Small Hot Shots, Flatfish, or spoons are the choice of trollers.


Fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island is winding down, but good catches of silvers to 13 pounds and some kings heading back to the Robertson Creek hatchery on the Stamp River are still being hooked in Barkley Sound. The best response from both silvers and kings has been from anchovies in a Bloody Nose or Green Haze Rhys Davis teaser head and flasher combination.

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