The lower Skagit River sockeye season is in full swing, with mixed reports of success coming in. Generally, it sounds like it is a slower fishery with more fish being caught by bank bound anglers than boaters. This most likely has to do with the fact that the fish tend to move close in to shore, and boaters generally are targeting areas farther out.
The Baker lake sockeye fishery is slated to open July 1st, but don’t expect to head up there until there are several thousand fish in the lake. As of the writing of this (June 28th) there have only been a couple hundred fish transported into the lake.
In the Skagit river, standard plunking gear seems to be king with winged bobbers (spin-n-glow) and sandshrimp as the bait of choice.
Skagit and Baker lake Sockeye Resources:

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