A boat is just the beginning. Take your watercraft out a few times and you’ll realize that you’re just scratching the surface. Boating gadgets can turn your casual ride into a tricked-out adventure, and the market is rich with forward-thinking devices. Whether you aim to get a more precise location while you’re at sea or document your travels in the water, these toys will improve your boating experience time and time again.

Solar GPS

Photo by Nachoman-au via Flickr

Welcome to the 21st century, when maps take a back seat to electronic navigation devices. A solar GPS system is the modern way to track your location and chart your course. The JT600 Solar GPS tracker runs primarily on sunlight but also features a backup battery pack. It also features two-way voice calls and supports 64 geo-fencing capabilities. Most importantly, the JT600 is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about handling it with too much care as you venture out on the water. After the essentials — basic boating supplies and a boating license — a GPS system could be the most important tool on your boat. A solar GPS system will keep you safe and on course, two of the most important things in boating.

Monster Wakeboard Tower

Photo by Riley Bathurst via Wikimedia Commons

A powerboat is at its best when someone is cruising on the wake behind it. Upgrade your boat with a wakeboard tower. These structures enable you to drag wakeboarders around the lake, and they also serve as place to mount lights, speakers and rod holders. Monster is the gold standard in wakeboard accessories, and its selection of towers ranges from $699 to $1299. For wakeboarders, they are a must. For everyone else, they are a nice addition to consider.

Subwing Flying Machine

If wakeboarding isn’t your thing, explore that water with the Subwing Flying Machine, which closely resembles the wings of a stringray. Attach it to your boat and grab hold for an unprecedented ride through the water. Best experienced in the ocean, the carbon fiber Subwing cuts through water so you can fly over the ocean floor for as long as you can hold your breath. Consider it during snorkling with an adrenaline boost. If you’re looking to add some thrills to your lazy beach day, the Subwing will deliver. Starting at $490, this adventure accessory is will reshape your boating experience.

Sea-Doo Aqua Lounge 6

Sometimes you need to be a little closer to the water. The Sea-Doo Aqua Lounge 6 is like an inflatable hotel. Those plastic lounge comfortably seats six and features a built-in MP3 system, waterproof speakers and plenty of cupholders. When things get tight on the boat, this inflatable oasis will return you to a state of nirvana as you enjoy the water. Sea-Doo is currently running a special on the Aqua Lounge 6 for $409.

Countour Waterproof Camera

Document your wet and wild adventures with a GE high-definition underwater camera. With 1080p resolution and 4x zoom, this camera will capture the finest details of your relaxing time in the water. Use it as you snorkel or record your time on the boat with the peace of mind that your camera can handle inevitable splashes. BHphotovideo.com offers a GE waterproof digital camera for $89.99.

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