Sports Image of a Close up of a Fishing Reel by the Ocean

There is no doubt that technology has shaped modern day fishing. From high tech gadgets to effective new materials and designs, there are so many fishing accessories on the market that will, in one way or another, enhance your next fishing trip. Here are four accessories every angler should have for their next trip.


The smartphone, especially the new waterproof Apple iPhone 7, is the most versatile and necessary accessory every fisherman needs to take with them on fishing trips. A smartphone is used to stay in touch when fishing in remote locations or calling for assistance in case of emergency. Smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras that can capture photos and videos of your experience and allow you to share on Facebook or Instagram with family and friends. There are also a variety of smartphone apps that provide a whole host of resources for all types of anglers. The app Fishidy is great for anglers who want to record catches and data linked to real time locations or receive pro tips from other app users. The app also allows you to share your trip data and even post pictures on a “bragging board” for other fishers to see. For fly fishers, Orvis Fly Fishing is a great app for casting instructions, instructional videos with over 20 fly-tying knots, state license purchasing information and even a field guide to trout flies, saltwater flies and more.

Sports Image of a Close up of a Fishing Reel by the Ocean
Fishing Reel by the Ocean

GoPro Sportsman Mount

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, as well as a fisherman, you probably own a sport and action camera, such as a GoPro, to document your adventures. Gone are the days of jerry-rigging your GoPro to your gaff or even to your reel with zip ties and duct tape. With the GoPro sportsman mount, you’ll capture both front and rear footage from your reel without having to worry about losing your GoPro or the angle shifting in all the action. Instead, you’ll have amazing footage of all your fishing endeavors, capturing both you and the fish from the moment you’re hung until your catch is on deck. The same mount can also be used on your gun or bow when hunting or target shooting recreationally to catch all the action both on water and on land.

Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag

This 33L Simms Dry Creek boat bag is one of the most convenient and reliable dry bags on the market you must make use of on your next fishing trip. Simms uses the most high end technology to ensure waterproof seams and strategically placed interior dividers to keep your belongings organized. The magnetized catch and release button allows the bag to shut without the use of the zipper and the heavy duty straps ensure comfortable transport of your gear.

Cabela’s Verano Spinning Reel

Lightweight, highly efficient and extremely affordable, Cabela’s Verano spinning reel should be your reel of choice for your next fishing trip. With its rearward taper ABS spool, each cast is guaranteed to be smooth with hassle and tangle-free retrievals. It’s unique shape and carbon composition allow for a lightweight yet extremely strong fishing reel with stress being distributed among nine ball bearings. In addition, the aluminum handle is not only comfortable but provides waterproof drag with click adjustment.

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