Konocti: A tranquil fishing resort

Finding new fishing destinations are fairly easy to come by down the West Coast of the United States. But finding a nice tranquil spot that has something different to offer can be an intriguing prospect.

One such place that we recently stumbled across was the Konocti Vista Casino that looks out over the beautiful Clear Lake in Northern California. The marina is situated in a private cove that allows easy access to Clear Lake for all visitors and is a truly delightful sight at night.

But what makes this casino establishment such an interesting hub for fishing fanatics apart from the glorious Clear Lake? Every year Konocti holds its annual Bass Fishing Tournaments. The next tournament is the Spring Classic, which will be held on May 2-3, 2015 and has proved to be a very popular event among bass anglers in California.

Konocti also offers a variety of watersports, its many gaming amenities but most of all a welcoming family atmosphere. There’s a wealth of accommodation options available to visitors of Konocti. Onsite hotel rooms can be booked but it is advised to book well in advance because the hotel gets extremely busy during the summer months, and while the Bass Fishing Tournaments are taking place throughout the year.

The resort has an abundance of camping options for the people who would rather be at one with nature and the enjoy breathing in the crisp fresh country air. There’s an onsite RV Park that helps make the resort ideal for long weekend stopovers or camping trips during the tournament and summer seasons.

It’s a clever business plan by Konocti Vista Casino as many small casinos in the United States have fallen victim to the uprising of online gaming since it became accessible to people in 1996 through the trailblazing InterCasino. Unfortunately for the brick and mortar casino industry many people now choose to spend their money online as opposed to traveling to their nearby casino. Hence why Konocti and other relatively small casinos have had to offer more diverse entertainment to the consumer. Fortunately for Konocti, events like the Bass Fishing Tournaments bring in welcomed revenues that help keep this beautiful resort running.

So, if you’re ever venturing to the Northern parts of California consider staying at Konocti Vista Casino for a relaxing spot of fishing on the mesmeric Clear Lake during the summer. You won’t be disappointed.