The avid outdoorsman with a competitive spirit not only loves harvesting a white-tail deer with the perfect lung shot, but also takes pride in reeling in the most or largest fish in friendly competition amongst the group. Each activity requires its own separate equipment, which can get expensive particularly for those who want only the best.

Some items can be used for both activities, which can save you money and streamline the process when planning to hunt and fish in one outing. These three items will enhance all fishing and hunting excursions, and prevent the prospect of doubling-up on similar equipment.Fishing in a river

Kifaru Spike Camp Backpack

Early season white tail deer hunting starts at the end of September or sometime in October in most jurisdictions. This time is mostly reserved for bow hunters who don’t mind braving the mosquitoes and muggy late-summer weather that comes with it in some states. Early season deer hunting also coincides with late-season trout fishing. The Kifaru Spike Camp is the perfect backpack for both activities.

The terrain you must scale in states like Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon to find the best hunting and fishing spots requires free hands and arms for balance and climbing purposes. The 2,400 cubic inches of space inside the Spike Camp is enough to carry all your equipment, along with a rifle or shotgun. It has a water bladder compartment so you can eliminate the need for a canteen and the noise it makes while drinking those last few swallows.

A rain jacket, fly boxes, extra reel, and knife are some of the items you’ll want to take along for backcountry fly fishing. There’s also plenty of room for waders, and enough straps on the outside to carry the wet, muddy ones home. The Kifaru Spike Camp is a bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny for serious hunters and anglers.

Under Armour All-Purpose Field Pants

Autumn means unpredictable weather in most parts of the country. Staying dry is important for both your health and comfort. Under Armour makes the perfect all-purpose field pants that also provide plenty of storage space.

Its patented Storm DWR finish makes the pants water and wind resistant, and are rugged enough to endure some of the toughest punishment possible. Six pockets allow you to carry a multitude of items that are readily accessible at a moment’s notice. There are also draw cords at the bottom of the pants to prevent brush and critters from crawling up your legs.

Hunting and fishing retailers like Cabela’s carry them, and typically offer discounts when you purchase them online.

Laguiole Folder Knife

You need a sharp, flexible knife to cut the breast meat from the bone of waterfowl when preparing for cooking. Filleting a fish, particularly trout, also requires a very sharp, flexible blade that is long enough to separate the meat from the rib bones. The Laguiole Folder Knife can serve both purposes.

Field & Stream ranked Laguiole Folders one of the 10 best hunting and fishing knives of 2012. The French company has been making knives since 1829, which have earned the reputation of staying sharp for a long time and never rusting. Unfortunately the company’s founders did not patent the brand, so there are several knock-offs that appear online before the authentic ones.

To ensure you’re getting an authentic Laguiole Folder, buy it from the company’s official website. Make sure the knife comes with the a warranty if you buy it from a third-party. Keep in mind Laguioles are priced in euros, so you’ll need to multiply the price by the current exchange rate of 1.25.