Reports from the Skagit River Sockeye fishery on the lower Skagit River have been mixed to good recently. The fish are definitely in, it’s just a matter of getting in front of them and getting them to bite.

Forum users have reported some catch already, with other success being witnessed. The lower than usual water is making things slightly more difficult, but overall doesn’t seem to be hampering efforts too much. Remember that Sockeye travel in the path of least resistance, which is often close to shore. So when you see that guy casting near to shore- it’s not because he can’t cast any further than that, it’s because he knows where the fish are travelling.
State creel checkers are reporting fish being caught in the Burlington and Mt. Vernon (upstream of Edgewater park) areas. Most people targeting sockeye in the skagit river are still using traditional plunking gear which consists of a 4-5 oz pyramid sinker, size 4 or 6 spin-n-glow and a sandshrimp.
Check out our fishing map for a few easy to access spots like Youngs bar, the Train Trestle area or Gardner launch. With the low water Youngs bar and the train trestle are huge sand bars and provide good access for many anglers.

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