The popular Baker Lake Sockeye fishery runs July 10th – September 7th this year, with a daily limit of 4 fish.  A boat is a must for this fishery, and trolling pink hoochies with red hooks, beads and smiley blades, and tipping rigs with small shrimp behind dodgers seem to be the popular methods for targeting these lake Sockeye. Slow speeds, and matching depth to where the fish are congregated will up your catch rate as well. The fish will be travelling at different depths throughout the day, so a good fishfinder can be a hugely helpful tool in locating the correct depth.

Baker lake page with map and boatlaunch information:


Below is some information copied from the forum that was posted a couple years back, and gives a good idea of rigs, along with some other helpful information. A big thanks to forum user Bmarch for sharing this useful information.

A: The “Sockeye” Rig.
This rig has been used on Baker since the beginning (2 years ago cough) and for centuries untold before that on Lake Washington.  You have 2 options with this rig, Hoochie or No Hoochie. I choose Hoochie

B: The Modern Take on the “Sockeye” Rig
Nothing special, add some beads and a smiley blade

C: The Extravagant Rigs:  I’ll just post a picture of one of my “Logs” of Sockeye rigs. These are inexpensive to make. All  rigs are 2/0 2/0 Gamakatsu Red Octopus Hooks tied with either  a nice Snell or Egg Loop (more on why this is important later)

D: The Dodger.  Luhr Jensen Herring Dodger. Need I say more?

E: The Accouterments: These fish can be closed mouth lil bastahds (regardless of what some may say, they do not just bite based on the amount of Ben Franklins streaming behind your boat   :D) I’ve put serious time and effort into these fish, and have a good idea of what it takes, that’s why there’s 5 jars of whole coonstripe shrimp that I brined myself


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