October 1, 2011



After a great Pink salmon season on the Skagit and Nooksack rivers, early fall rains are changing the fishing dynamic on both systems. Sports fishermen should now concentrate on silvers entering local rivers as these streams rise and fall with each new weather system. Reports of early silvers on the Skagit and Nooksack rivers were coming into Dave’s Sport Shop consistently  since the opening on September 1. However, recent rains have caused both rivers to rise and turn muddy. Look for silvers to be present in all sections of these rivers once they drop and begin to clear. On October 1, theNooksack River opens as far up as Maple Creek on the North Fork and up to Skookum Creek on the South Fork. Dakota Creek also opens on October 1 from the mouth to Giles Rd. bridge.

Silvers will strike when they are provoked so Vibrax spinners and Dick Nite spoons are a good choice. Silver and brass blade Vibraxes with Chartreuse, red, blue, silver, or brass bodies are effective while half silver and half brass or brass with chartreuse head Dick Nites are solid choices….

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