If its December then its time for anglers to start thinking steelhead. There have already been reports of fish taken from the Cascade River, a tributary of the Skagit, and rumors of fish hooked in the Nooksack as well. Keep in mind that there is an emergency closure of the North Fork of the Nooksack between the Mosquito Lake Rd. bridge and 1000 feet below the Kendall Creek hatchery to protect brood stock and help achieve egg-take goals. Look for Nooksack hatchery steelhead to show up in fishable numbers by mid December with the peak of the run generally showing up in early January.

The Cascade fishes well using corkies, yarn and eggs. However, jigs or pink rubber worms below a float are popular as well. This stream is best when it begins to drop after a rain and the total water volume reaches approximately 10,000 cfs. The Nooksack River is rarely…continue reading.

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2 thoughts on “Fishing report: December 3rd, 2011, it’s December and it’s time for anglers to start thinking steelhead.”
  1. You have the wrong area for the closure on the Nooksack….that should read;
    North Fork Nooksack River from the Mosquito Lake Road Bridge upstream to the yellow post located at the upstream-most corner of the hatchery grounds, approximately 1,000 feet upstream of the mouth of Kendall Creek. 2. Whatcom Creek, from the mouth to Woburn Street Bridge

    Not Hwy 9

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