January 6th, 2011

By Ken Shagren, Fishing Pro Staff, Dave’s Sports Shop 

“Remember to check the official WDFW regulations before going out!”

Welcome to the Dave’s Sports Shop fishing report. Check in with us as we attempt to keep you informed on where the fish are biting and what is working to catch them. We will try to keep the information current so that we can help you decide where the best opportunity for success will be located.



When we were wishing for a little rain before Christmas to get steelhead moving through the Nooksack system, we were all aware that we had to be careful what we asked for. Sure enough, once it started raining it just didn’t seem to want to quit, at least for a while anyway. There had been some decent reports of steelhead hooked on the Nooksack over the holidays including one wild fish that was estimated at over 20 lbs. Fishermen in the Lynden area have reported success plunking #4 Spin n Glos with salmon eggs, steelhead eggs (if you are lucky enough to have them) and shrimp or prawn meat. When the main river is in condition to drift fish, (two feet or more of visibility), fishermen are using #6 Corkies or Spin n Glos and eggs or shrimp. The Nooksack North Fork has also had catches reported. Remember that the North Fork is closed above the Mosquito Lake Rd bridge up to the yellow marker just above the Kendall Creek hatchery to help ensure enough brood stock reach the hatchery. In this area…. continue reading.

Read the full report here.

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